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Elbow 90°
Ewlbow 45°
Tee 90° Socket Union Reducing Bush Male Threaded Unions Valves Flexfit-Pipe

PVC Metric Pipes & Fittings

25mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX025PP 25mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX02590 25mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX02545 25mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX025ET 25mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX025SP 25mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX025PC 25mm End Cap FP      
SPX025BV 25mm Butterfly Valve complete with Flanges      


32mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX032PP 32mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX03290 32mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX03245 32mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX032ET 32mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX032SP 32mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX032PC 32mm End Cap FP      


40mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX040PP 40mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX04090 40mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX04045 40mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX040ET 40mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX040SP 40mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX040PC 40mm End Cap FP      


50mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX050PP 50mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX05090 50mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX05045 50mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX050ET 50mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX050SP 50mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX050BR 50mm Backing Ring      
SPX050SF 50mm Stub Flange      
SPX050PC 50mm End Cap FP      
SPX125BR 125mm Backing Ring      
SPX125SF 125mm Stub Flange      
SPX125SG 125mm Stub Gasket      
SPX125PC 125mm End Cap FP      
SPX125BV 125mm Butterfly Valve complete with Flanges      


63mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX063PP 63mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX06390 63mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX06345 63mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX063ET 63mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX063SP 63mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX063BR 63mm Backing Ring      
SPX063SF 63mm Stub Flange      
SPX063SG 63mm Stub Gasket      
SPX063PC 63mm End Cap FP      


75mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX075PP 75mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX07590 75mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX07545 75mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX075ET 75mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX075SP 75mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX075BR 75mm Backing Ring      
SPX075SF 75mm Stub Flange      
SPX075SG 75mm Stub Gasket      
SPX075PC 75mm End Cap FP      
SPX075BV 75mm Butterfly Valve complete with Flanges      


90mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX090PP 90mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX09090 90mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX09045 90mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX090ET 90mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX090SP 90mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX090BR 90mm Backing Ring      
SPX090SF 90mm Stub Flange      
SPX090SG 90mm Stub Gasket      
SPX090PC 90mm End Cap FP      
SPX090BV 90mm Butterfly Valve complete with Flanges      


110mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX110PP 110mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX11090 110mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX11045 110mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX110ET 110mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX110SP 110mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX110BR 110mm Backing Ring      
SPX110SF 110mm Stub Flange      
SPX110SG 110mm Stub Gasket      
SPX110PC 110mm End Cap FP      
SPX110BV 110mm Butterfly Valve complete with Flanges      


125mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX125PP 125mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX12590 125mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX12545 125mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX125ET 125mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX125SP 125mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX125BR 125mm Backing Ring      
SPX125SF 125mm Stub Flange      
SPX125SG 125mm Stub Gasket      
SPX125PC 125mm End Cap FP      
SPX125BV 125mm Butterfly Valve complete with Flanges      


140mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX140PP 140mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX14090 140mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX14045 140mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX140ET 140mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX140SP 140mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX140BR 140mm Backing Ring      
SPX140SF 140mm Stub Flange      
SPX140SG 140mm Stub Gasket      
SPX140PC 140mm End Cap FP      
SPX140BV 140mm Butterfly Valve complete with Flanges      


160mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX160PP 160mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX16090 160mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX16045 160mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX160ET 160mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX160SP 160mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX160BR 160mm Backing Ring      
SPX160SF 160mm Stub Flange      
SPX160SG 160mm Stub Gasket      
SPX160PC 160mm End Cap FP      
SPX160BV 160mm Butterfly Valve complete with Flanges      


200mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX200PP 200mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX20090 200mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX20045 200mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX200ET 200mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX200SP 200mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX200BR 200mm Backing Ring      
SPX200SF 200mm Stub Flange      
SPX200SG 200mm Stub Gasket      
SPX200PC 200mm End Cap FP      
SPX200BV 200mm Butterfly Valve complete with Flanges      


225mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX225PP 225mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX22590 225mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX22545 225mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX225ET 225mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX225SP 225mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX225BR 225mm Backing Ring      
SPX225SF 225mm Stub Flange      
SPX225SG 225mm Stub Gasket      
SPX225PC 225mm End Cap FP      
SPX225BV 225mm Butterfly Valve complete with Flanges      


250mm Tube & Fittings      
SPX250PP 250mm 10 Bar Tube 5m Length      
SPX25090 250mm 90 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX25045 250mm 45 FP/FP Elbow      
SPX250ET 250mm Equal T FP/FP/FP      
SPX250SP 250mm Socket FP/FP      
SPX250BR 250mm Backing Ring      
SPX250SF 250mm Stub Flange      
SPX250SG 250mm Stub Gasket      
SPX250PC 250mm End Cap FP      
SPX250BV 250mm Butterfly Valve complete with Flanges      


Metric Reducing Bush      
SPX032025RB Reducing Bush FP/MP 32-25mm      
SPX040032RB Reducing Bush FP/MP 40-32mm      
SPX050040RB Reducing Bush FP/MP 50-40mm      
SPX063050RB Reducing Bush FP/MP 63-50mm      
SPX075063RB Reducing Bush FP/MP 75-63mm      
SPX090075RB Reducing Bush FP/MP 90-75mm      
SPX110090RB Reducing Bush FP/MP 110-90mm      
SPX125110RB Reducing Bush FP/MP 125-110mm      
SPX140125RB Reducing Bush FP/MP 140-125mm      
SPX160140RB Reducing Bush FP/MP 160-140mm      


Metric Reducing Tee      
SPX032025RT "32mm x 25mm Reducing Tee, Plain"      
SPX040032RT "40mm x 32mm Reducing Tee, Plain"      
SPX050040RT "50mm x 40mm Reducing Tee, Plain"      
SPX063050RT "63mm x 50mm Reducing Tee, Plain"      
SPX075063RT "75mm x 63mm Reducing Tee, Plain"      
SPX090075RT "90mm x 75mm Reducing Tee, Plain"      
SPX110090RT "110mm x 90mm Reducing Tee, Plain"      
SPX140110RT "140mm x 110mm Reducing Tee, Plain"      
SPX160140RT "160mm x 140mm Reducing Tee, Plain"      
SPX200160RT "200mm x 160mm Reducing Tee, Plain"      
SPX250200RT "250mm x 200mm Reducing Tee, Plain"      


Metric Double Union Ball Valves      
SPX025DUBV Double Union Ball Valve 25mm      
SPX032DUBV Double Union Ball Valve 32mm      
SPX040DUBV Double Union Ball Valve 40mm      
SPX050DUBV Double Union Ball Valve 50mm      
SPX063DUBV Double Union Ball Valve 63mm      
SPX075DUBV Double Union Ball Valve 75mm      
SPX090DUBV Double Union Ball Valve 95mm      


Metric Butterfly Valves      
SPX075BV Flanged Butterfly Valve75mm      
SPX090BV Flanged Butterfly Valve90mm      
SPX110BV Flanged Butterfly Valve110mm      
SPX125BV Flanged Butterfly Valve125mm      
SPX140BV Flanged Butterfly Valve140mm      
SPX160BV Flanged Butterfly Valve160mm      
SPX200BV Flanged Butterfly Valve200mm      
SPX225BV Flanged Butterfly Valve225mm      
SPX250BV Flanged Butterfly Valve250mm      


Metric to Imperial Adaptor Socket      
GP012SA "Adaptor Socket FP/FP 0.50""-20mm"      
GP034SA "Adaptor Socket FP/FP 0.75""-25mm"      
GP100SA "Adaptor Socket FP/FP 1.00""-32mm"      
GP114SA "Adaptor Socket FP/FP 1.25""-40mm"      
GP112SA "Adaptor Socket FP/FP 1.50""-50mm"      
GP200SA "Adaptor Socket FP/FP 2.00""-63mm"      
GP300SA "Adaptor Socket FP/FP 3.00""-90mm"      
SPX11040 "Adaptor Socket FP/FP 4.00""-110mm"      

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