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Pool Hall Stretched Ceilings

Stretched pool hall ceilingBrookforge can supply & install stretched membrane ceilings nationwide within the UK for commercial & domestic swimming pool halls.

A pool hall stretched ceiling not only looks stunning it can also have very practical uses such as hiding away ducting or steelwork.

How it works

Stretch ceilings are hygienic, non-flammable, removable, washable and 100% airtight. The material is anti-static so it does not attract dust. Stretch ceilings are entirely maintenance free and are provided with a 10 year guarantee.

The ceiling are secured in a perimeter track which is custom made to suit you space and the final form can vary greatly from flat to free form barrel vault. The membrane is heated in order to expand it into the frame. Once this is securely anchored in situ, the room temperature will drop and the membrane will naturally shrink into a taut, strong membrane.

The Material working with swimming pools

Any chemicals used in swimming pools or spas do not affect the membrane.

The ceilings never need decorating, so any time-consuming emptying of the pool or wasted money re-heating the water is a thing of the past. As the membrane is flexible it will move with the building, so no cracks in the plasterboard, or no splits in the wood.

As the membrane is 100% waterproof any steelwork or woodwork above the ceiling will not rust or rot.

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