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Water Features

Water curtain Bali Water curtain Maui Canon Jet Fiji

Contemporary and sylish water features for your pool with a variety of water outlets for therapeutic and ornamental use. Manufactured in AISI-316 Stainless steel. Available in shiny polished or Matte brush stainless steel, all accessories for installation provided. MORE >>

Aqua Drolics Play Gear

Fantastic range of water features for children's pools made by Aqua Drolics.

Models not shown include: Dots slide with stainless steel bannister, slide solo with bannister, Clowns totem four headed, Clowns totem three headed, mushroom 120cm, mushroom 100cm, duck with hand pump, dolphin with hand pump, water cannon. MORE >>

Aqua Drolics Turtle
Aqua Drolics Mushroom
Aqua Drolics Tumbler
Aqua Drolics Clown
Aqua Drolics Seal
Aqua Drolics Rainbow Slide
Aqua Drolics Pelican

Certikin Play Gear

Interactive features manufactured from brightly coloured GRP, many features have built-in mechanical hand pumps allowing children to activate water sprays from various nozzles simply by pressing the pump handle.

Water features not shown includean elephant and a water mushroom. MORE >>


Play Gear Frog
Play Gear Fish
Play Gear Whale
Play Gear Crab
Play Gear Frog Slide
Play Gear Crocodile
Play Gear Giant Tap

Children's Water Features

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