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Get fit quick with Suspension Training

We are pleased to announce the launch of new fitness product which will revolutionise home fitness and the way you train, it's known as suspended bodyweight training.

Suspension training (AKA Bodyweight Training) is all the rage at the moment at gyms and sports clubs accross the world, with its simplicity and versatility at the core to it's success. Every part of the bodies muscles are catered for, not only targeting the key muscles that reqular gym equipment will work on, but also smaller supporting muscle groups which add to greater Core Stability and overall strength!

Suspended Training System from FITKIT PRO

Suspended push upbodyweight suspended dipsSuspended training bicep curlSuspended Chest Press

The FKPro Suspended bodyweight training system can be fitted pretty much anywhere. Be it ceiling mounted, wall mounted or even on a door frame. The two strap system fits a two points unlike other systems that use the one strap fixing point!

Two strap fixing points provide :

  • Greater stability
  • Less stress on the body
  • A better range of unimpaired movement
  • More exercise options

There are hundreds of different exercises which can be done using the FKPro training system, each targeting specific regions but always adding to overall core strength. The FKPro team have released numerous training videos that can be viewed at : FKPro Training Online videos

fkpro priceSome of the more popular suspended training exercises include :FitKit Pro Suspension Training Home Fitness Kit

  • Chest Press
    An alternative take on an old exercise
  • Lat Pull up
    Improve your posture and look & function better
  • Suspended push up
    So much more than a traditional press up
  • Side bend
    Great for control. Great for love handles
  • Side lunge
    Enhances your balance. And your jeans.
  • Bicep Curl
    A curl to improve your arms. And much more.

Weight loss, core stability, flexibility, power, balance, stamina and strength can all be enhanced using FKPro.

FKPro packs are small, light and easily portable! yet can be adjusted within seconds irrespective of your shape or size. It can be used almost anywhere and there is an exercise programme for you - whatever you want to achieve!

Interested in Suspended Bodyweight Training with the FKPro?
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