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Due to the number of successfull swimming pool build projects completed , we've created a brand new website dedicated to Brookforge Swimming Pool Design and Build services >>

Brookforge offer a unique service to all people considering building their own swimming pool; be it indoor or outdoor; tiled, liner, panel, fibreglass or concrete.

Whether you are the property developer, architect, quantity surveyor, M&E engineer or end-user, our team of swimming pool design engineering experts can offer you help and advice, throughout every stage of your dream pool's construction - from first excavation to final commissioning. We can specify and supply all the pool equipment and materials required for any size of swimming pool or spa, be it a domestic or a commercial swimming pool.

We work throughout the United Kingdom, and pride ourselves in being able to offer independent, expert advice on the products and techniques required to make your pool project a real success.

Brookforge Pool Build Management

We appreciate that every pool project has a budget; over the years we have concluded that swimming pool companies waste huge sums of customers' money, by employing sub-contractors.

Our innovative response has taken the market by storm; we can reduce swimming pool project costs by thousands of pounds.

Our method? We simply do not provide any general building services required for the project, be it construction, electrics or general plumbing.

We work alongside the Customer's chosen Contractors providing all of the information that they require to perform their part of the project, including custom site drawings and product installation packs.

Please be assured that none of the duties required by the Contractors will be outside of the capabilities of reputable tradesmen.

A great deal of costs can be eliminated from the total project cost - most traditional pool companies do not employ all of the tradesmen required, so, the Customer is charged a substantial mark-up on all of these services.

Our engineers will install all of the specialist swimming pool plant and equipment, and provide finishing services such as tiling to ensure your pool becomes the pool of your dreams.

How do we get started?

Call us to discuss your project; we will be pleased to offer helpful advice on all aspects of our management services. We actively encourage you to obtain a quotation from you local pool company - you will be amazed by the savings you will make.

Once a project brief is established, we will provide you with a quotation for our services and equipment.

Please remember, all equipment supplied is done so at the ultra-competitive costs shown elsewhere on our website.


Swimming pool projects may only crop up every few years for an architectural practice - we work closely with architects to ensure that the correct equipment and finishes are specified and that there is sufficient space to install it!

Architects are welcome to call for assistance on any type of pool construction project (including commercial), which we will be more than happy to provide.

Brookforge Swimming Pool Design & Build - Pool Build Construction Management.