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Blue Lagoon Combi UV TimerAdvantages of UV-C treatment:

  • Disinfects water efficiently and safely
  • Bound (combined) chlorine is broken down by UV-C light
  • Protects your pool from germs
  • Keeps the formation of mould, bacteria and algae under control
  • Can reduce the use of chlorine and other chemicals up to 80%
  • Prevents the smell of chlorine and irritation to the skin and eyes
  • More environmentally-friendly than traditional methods
CODE Description Retail
Sale Price
Sale Price
UVC16 Blue Lagoon SPA UV System 16 Watts (treats up to 15m³) £389.00 £291.75 £350.10
UVC40 Blue Lagoon UV System 40 Watts (treats up to 35m³) £563.00 £422.25 £506.70
UVC75 Blue Lagoon UV System 75 Watts (treats up to 70m³) £683.00 £512.25 £614.70
UVC130 Blue Lagoon UV System 130 Watts (treats up to 150m³) £1,498.00 £1,123.50 £1,348.20
UVPR075 Blue Lagoon Pro 75W - to treat pools up to 75m3 £1,395.00 £1,046.25 £1,255.50
UVPRO130 Blue Lagoon Pro 130W - to treat pools up to 150m3 £1,760.00 £1,320.00 £1,584.00
GP112IS UV System 1.5" in-line strainer £210.00 £157.50 £189.00
GP200IS UV System 2" in-line strainer £262.50 £196.88 £236.25
UVSALT40 Blue Lagoon 40W Saltwater UV system £552.00 £414.00 £496.80
UVSALT75 Blue Lagoon 75W Saltwater UV system £594.00 £445.50 £534.60



Light Commercial UV Systems

Blue Lagoon Pro Buster

CODE Description Retail
Sale Price
Sale Price


390W system for domestic / light commercial pools. Max volume 450m3 - Max flow 60m3 / Hr £3,900.00 £2,925.00 £3,510.00

Blue Lagoon Combi UV TimerPro Buster includes three powerful 130 Watt Amalgam UV-C lamps
Treats large domestic or light commercial applications up to 450m3 / 99,000 gallons

  • Built-in electronic pre-selector to ensure a smooth power supply
  • Up to 35% more UV-C yield as a result of reflection
  • Supplied with a flow switch to disconnect when no flow is detected
  • Digital countdown timer indicates when the lamp needs replacing
  • 316L earthed solid stainless steel housing
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • 2-year guarantee with respect to manufacturing faults
Technical specifications Pro Buster
Philips TUV 130W XPT 3x130 Watt
UV-C output (W) 3x50 Watt
UV-C (%) after 4,500 hours 85%
Maximum Flow 60m3 / hr
Max. pressure 10 bar
Connection size 75 mm (order imperial fittings as required)
Length of the device 95 cm


Trident UV System - Light Commercial

The Trident UV systems are designed for small commercial pools and spas. Using the latest UV low pressure technology that gives 13,000 hours lamp life.

  • Blue Lagoon Combi UV Timer100% corrosion resistant body
  • Union connections
  • Stainless steel inner reactor
  • Pressure gauge
  • Automatic on / off power
  • State-of-the-art ballast(s)
  • Low pressure drop
  • Wall mountable
  • 2” / 63mm connections
  • 13,000 hour longlife lamps
  • 4 sizes available
  • 230V 58W lamps
CODE Description Retail
Sale Price
Sale Price
UVS121 Trident UV 1 lamp - up to 10m3/hr POA POA POA
UVS122 Trident UV 2 lamp - up to 19m3/hr POA POA POA
UVS123 Trident UV 3 lamp - up to 29.1m3/hr POA POA POA
UVS124 Trident UV 4 lamp - up to 38.2m3/hr POA POA POA



Blue Lagoon Combi UV & lonisation System.

Blue Lagoon Combi UV Timer Certikin Ultra Violet (UV-C) systems have been updated for 2009 and along with some
improvements to the products there has been a change of name to Blue Lagoon UV-C.

The Blue Lagoon systems still incorporate the same high quality Philips lamps as the Certikin UV systems, but all models have the added feature of an electronic ballast, which are able to withstand variable voltages and are much smaller and lighter then the previous power supplies.

On the 40W and 75W systems, they have been updated to include built-in timers,which can be set to cut off the UV system in accordance with the running time of the circulation pump if it is not being run 24/7 and prevent the UV systems accidentally being left on resulting in overheating.

The timer also has an operation time counter, so you will know when it is time to change the lamps over. The 130W system does not have a timer and instead it has an integrated flow sensor, to eliminate the system operating in no-flow situations. Some great improvements to our range of economical UV systems, yet they are still offered at excellent value prices and replacement parts for the Certikin UV systems will continue to be readily available.

Combi UV & lonisation System.

CODE Description Retail
Sale Price
Sale Price
UVBL30 Blue Lagoon UV System 30 Watt (treats up to 20m³) POA 25% POA
UVBL40 Blue Lagoon 40W Ultra Violet & Ioniser - to treat pools up to 40m3 POA 25% POA
UVBL75 Blue Lagoon 75W Ultra Violet & Ioniser - to treat pools up to 75m3 POA 25% POA


Code UV-C 16000 UV-C 40000 UV-C 75000 UV-C 130000
Lamp TUV 4P-SE T5 16 Watt 40 Watt 75 Watt 2 x 75 Watt
UV-C (W) 3.9 15 25 2 x 25
UV-C % After 9000 Hours 75% 85% 80% 80%
Pool Volume 15m3/3300gals 35m3/7700gals 70m3/15400gals 140m3/30800gals
Maximum Flow 7.2 m3/hr 1584gph 15 m3/hr 3300gph 20 m3/hr 4400gph 40 m3/hr 8800gph
Maximum Pressure 3 Bar 3 Bar 3 Bar 3 Bar
Code Description RRP Discount Offer
UVC016 Certikin UV System 16 Watt (treats up to 15m³) POA - POA
UVC040 Certikin UV System 40 Watt (treats up to 35m³) POA - POA
UVC075 Certikin UV System 75 Watt (treats up to 70m³) POA - POA
UVC130 Certikin UV System 130 Watt (treats up to 150m³) POA - POA
Code Description RRP Discount Offer
Phillips UV 16 Watt Bulb POA - POA
Phillips UV 40 Watt Bulb POA - POA
Phillips UV 75 Watt Bulb POA - POA

Please note all stated prices exclude VAT @ 20%