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CRM Solar Showers

CRM Solar Showers (Updated 01/2011)

New advanced design of CRM solar showers range.

Aluminium solar collector with anticorrosive treatment.

Zinc plated steel front panel.

CRM's exclusive patented internal water circuit is resistant to freezing temperatures as low as 15 degress centigrade and 10 bars nominal pressure.

Articulated shower head with anticalcium filtration system.

2 control knobs (hot and cold water) made from chromed brass.

Red connection 1/2" male thread.

Drain stopper.

White Solar CRM Shower
CODE RRP Discount Offer
White 20L POA - POA
White 30L POA - POA
White 40L POA - POA
Beige 20L POA - POA
Beige 30L POA - POA
Beige 40L POA - POA
Blue 20L POA - POA
Blue 30L POA - POA
Blue 40L POA - POA
Orange 20L POA - POA
Orange 30L POA - POA
Orange 40L POA - POA
Pink 20L POA - POA
Pink 30L POA - POA
Pink 40L POA - POA
Rustic 20L POA - POA
Rustic 30L POA - POA
Rustic 40L POA - POA
Stainless Steel 20L POA - POA
Stainless Steel 30L POA - POA
Stainless Steel 40L POA - POA


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