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Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

How a pool heat pump works

A heat pump extracts energy from the surrounding air and transfers it into heat, which is used to warm the swimming pool water through a heat exchanger. It works to the same principle as a refrigerator or air conditioning but in reverse. The heat pump extracts heat from air and uses it, expelling air which is about 5 degrees cooler than the surrounding environment. The heat pump consists of a compessor incorporating refrigerant, a heat exchanger, a condenser and a ventilator.

At present Brookforge offer swimming pool heat pumps from four different manufacturers :

Calorex Heatstar Environmental Control Systems

Calorex pool heat pumps
Calorex Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
29 Calorex heat pumps available, click here to view

Heatstar Heat Pumps
Heatstar swimming pool heat pumps
22 Heatstar heat pumps available, click here to view

Heat Perfector Supply Heat Pumps Heatinverter by Fairlocks

Heat Perfector Heat Pumps
Heat perfector swimming pool heat pumps
4 Heat Perfector heat pumps available, click here to view

Heatinverter Heat Pump
Heat inverter swimming pool heat pumps
8 Heat Inverter heat pumps available, click here to view

Please note all stated swimming pool heat pump prices exclude VAT @ 20%