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A Rolldeck cover provides the finishing touch to any swimming pool. Roldeck automatic pool covers are installed on indoor and outdoor swimming pools around the world.

The Roldeck cover provides a sturdy, lockable barrier, preventing accidents with children and pets. Thanks to the fantastic buoyancy of the slats combined with a locking device, the slats readily bear the weight of kids or pets, should they fall onto the cover.

The energy saving pool cover consists of taut slats, manufactured in high quality PVC which, float on the pool surface. The cover is opened and closed automatically, with the slats coiling on and off a stainless steel spindle driven by an electric motor.

Roldeck slats are available in white, blue, transparent and solar versions.

Solar slats collect and transfer heat from the sun directly into the pool water. Roldeck solar slats reduce annual running costs greatly, a true environmentally friendly system.

Roldeck Slats

The electric motor is either mounted in a pool-side pit, or in a new innovation, within the stainless steel reel - although more expensive, the latter option reduces building costs significantly.

Roldeck In Roller Motor

When your Roldeck cover is on the pool, evaporation and heatlosses are massively reduced, saving energy and significantly reducing your pool's annual running costs - an ideal environmentally friendly addition to your pool.

The Roldeck reduces the amount of pollution entering the pool, and because light entering the pool is reduced, algae formation is inhibited - this reduces the frequency of backwashing the pool - saving water; and recuces the amount of chemicals required to disinfect the pool - saving the environment.

A Certikin Rolldeck cover can be manufactured to suit almost any new or existing swimming pool. The reel system can be installed above ground, below ground, or in the pool. An optional remote control system is also available.

Roldeck Cover Pit 1Roldeck Cover Pit 2Roldeck Cover Pit 3Roldeck Cover Pit 4Roldeck Cover Pit 5Roldeck Cover Pit 6Roldeck Cover Pit 7

Certikin Roldeck Automatic Pool Cover

CODE Description      
ROLDECK1 Roldeck - Installation Above Ground on the Swimming Pool Surround      
ROLDECK2 Roldeck - Installation Below Ground in a Pit      
ROLDECK3 Roldeck - Installation Below Ground in the Swimming Pool at the Pool Surface      
ROLDECK4 Roldeck - Installation Above Ground on a Wall      
ROLDECK5 Roldeck - Installation Below Ground in the Swimming Pool on the Floor      
ROLDECK6 Roldeck - Installation Roldeck - Intstallation Below Ground in the Swimming Pool in a Pit in the Floor      
ROLDECK7 Roldeck - Installation Roldeck - Intstallation Below Ground in the Swimming Pool in a Pit in the Floor Centrally Located - For Irregular Shaped Pools      


All Roldeck covers are priced to suit an individual pool's requirements. Please contact our specialist Roldeck team to discuss how you would like your Roldeck to operate and we will happily provide you with an itemised quotation.

We offer fantastic discounts on all Roldeck installations and we are rarely, if ever, beaten on price!t

Please note all stated swimming pool cover prices exclude VAT @ 20%