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CaraTerra's advice on laying your coping stones ...

Caraterra coping stonesAll you need to know about stone aggregate..

The stones we use contain metallic oxides that give them different tone and colours in time, as natural stones in their environment.

Thus, we cannot guarantee the evolutions of colour that can appear in time. These evolutions do not deteriorate the product quality and on the contrary get them a particular charm.

Caraterra Paving SlabsIn consequence, we advise you, while laying, to mix the flagstones of various colours, in order to obtain a beautiful harmony.

"Efflorescences" are whitish stains that appear on concrete products. It is a natural phenomenon caused by the resurfacing of lime contained in the cements, without effect on our product’s strength. This phenomenon is common to every manufactured product containing cement and is beyond our control and can appear after manufacturing.

"Efflorescences" do not destroy in any way the quality of the product, and they disappear progressively in the course of the time or with an adapted treatment. Our customers know and accept this phenomenon when they buy natural stones. On the account, we will not require our consideration for any claim.

In any case, always remove a minimum of 20 cm from the top of the natural ground according to its characteristics. We advise you to place a layer of felt (such as Bidim). The base slope must be the same as the finished ground (2 to 3 % per meter) in order to facilitate water evacuation. A text from section N°29 – Equipment Department : “water evacuation should be facilitate in every way”.

PAVING ON A SAND BED : Only adapted for flagstones with more than 35 mm of thickness. We do not recommend this method that is not adapted to the stability and the good ageing of our products.

The paving is done by double spread gluing (concrete floor and underneath flagstone imperatively). Before paving, remove dust from the stones with a wire brush, and moisten them only underneath. The stones must be vigorously strengthened with a rammer and a white nylon mallet in order to bind them with the floor (French standard NP 61-2002-2 – DTU N. 52.1 Specifications concerning paving of bedded floors, and section N.29). Our products are not designed for paving on studs. WARNING !! Ensure that the paving is totally dry before recovering with any covers or objects because some irreversible stains may appear.

Coping stones & SlabsThey should be glued or bedded on the entire surface on a single base (chain bond or ground beam). Before paving, remove dust from the curbstones with a wire brush, and moisten them only underneath. The curbstones must be vigorously strengthened with a rammer and a white nylon mallet in order to bind them with the floor.

The joint is made with a stone powder-mix called DALL’JOINT you prepare while laying. Use either a gauging trowel or jointer for pointing and finish with a trowel to smoothen the surface or a jointing tool to screed. Do not spray the joint putty on the entire stone surface to avoid any stain. All spilled putty must be cleaned immediately with water (to avoid any stain or any slippery aspect).

To ensure robust paving, we advise to make an abutment using borders. Advice and Maintenance indications Manufactured from natural stone, colours and aspects can vary from a pallet to another. While laying, we recommend using products from various pallets to ensure a good mix in colours.Just like any other floors, and in order to preserve the quality of your floor, the stones should be regularly maintained and treated thanks to our Treatments range (according to the specified directions of use).High-pressure cleaner machine: When using this cleaner Do not exceed 20 bars and respect a minimum distance of 20 cm. A more important pressure can have irreversible consequences on the stones. Defrosting salt & other products: Do not use defrosting salt. The use of certain weed killers or fertilizers may stain (rust-like stains) the surface of our products.

First of all, check the items upon delivery. All claims concerning the product’s aspect must be made before paving. In any case, our responsibility is limited to replacing obviously defective products and exclude paving removal costs.

Please note all stated swimming pool coping stone prices exclude VAT @ 20%

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