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Suspended push up

Get fit quick with Suspension Bodyweight Training from FKPro

We are pleased to announce the launch of new fitness product which will revolutionise home fitness and the way you train, it's known as suspended bodyweight training.

Suspension training (AKA Bodyweight Training) is all the rage at the moment at gyms and sports clubs accross the world, with its simplicity and versatility at the core to it's success. Every part of the bodies muscles are catered for, not only targeting the key muscles that reqular gym equipment will work on, but also smaller supporting muscle groups which add to greater Core Stability and overall strength!

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Pool Bike

Pool Bike

POOLBIKE® is currently the most advanced aquatic bike, thanks to innovative elements such as its progressive resistance and its pedals that can be comfortably used in barefeet.

The bike is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their physical wellbeing; from the elderly looking for healthy exercise to professional sportspeople looking for a complementary training option.

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Skamper Ramp

Skamper RampSkamper Ramp

The Skamper-Ramp works on the premise that all living things see white. Animals see the ramp breaking the water's surface and leading out of the pool or back onto the boat or dock.

Whether used pool-side or attached to the stern of a boat or to a dock, the Skamper-Ramp provides pets and animals with a stress-free means of getting out of the water all by themselves, and their owner with peace-of-mind, knowing their pet will be able to take care of itself if it becomes panicked. more >>>

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